Wing Assembly Rack

I had been planning to build a set of these wing stands, but due to the small size of my build space, I decided that I should have a movable rack on which to build my wings.  This would allow me to reconfigure my work space as needed rather than have to work around an immovable fixture.  Since I have access to cheap steel and I love to weld, naturally I decided steel is the way to go for this project.

I cut some angle to give myself something to clamp to for making it square while I tacked it together.

So far, I just have it tacked together.

The piece of steel seen on the floor will be used to make the diagonal braces to give it a little more rigidity.  This is probably unnecessary as it is already quite rigid.

You may notice that I already have some wing parts completed.  This is from a partially completed wing kit that I purchased recently.  I will have more to say about that later.  Moving the partly completed wing into the rack will require some effort, but I will likely start with the wing that has not been partly assembled.

I am debating whether to add a third leg in the middle.  I have the steel and two additional casters, so it would be pretty easy.  I will have to wait and see how the rest of it comes together.

The assembly you see here represents about 1.5 hours of labor.  Some of that time was spent scratching my head.

To date, I have less than $40 in the whole thing.About half of the cost is in the casters.  I could have gone with less expensive casters, but I am aiming for sturdy more than I am cheap.